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I'm curious how you are able to say that God "cares about every living and breathing soul" while at the same time admitting that he allows children to perish and cancer to continue existing. Why would such a caring being allow these, as well as the numerous tragedies and injustices happening worldwide, to occur? Is he not powerful enough? If so, why call him God? If he is powerful enough to stop them, but doesn't, how can he be described as caring?

Your post argues that God does in fact care about us, and it can be seen in the comfort and guidance he gives us. I however do not believe this is sufficient for two reasons. First, a being as powerful (and supposedly as caring) as God should be able to give more aid than simply giving guidance; I believe a truly caring God would exert more of his power to help those he cares about so dearly.

Second, allowing tragedies to happen and only afterwards giving aid is not a "caring" type of action. For example, lets imagine a child that is about to fall from a great height that will result in great injury or even possible death. The child's mother notices the situation with enough time to grab the child and prevent him from falling. However, instead of doing so, she waits for the child to fall and get hurt so that she can display her care for the child by calling for medical help and guiding and comforting him through the pain. Would you consider her to be a caring mother? I certainly wouldn't. A caring mother would have prevented the tragedy in the first place; not allowing it to happen, THEN giving aid in an effort to appear caring.

Why can God help us only after allowing them to fall and still be considered "caring", while the mother from my example would not? The "falls" I'm referring to aren't little day to day problems and issues, where letting us learn from our own mistakes would appropriate; I am talking about things like natural disasters, famine, plague, genocides; things where preventative action is needed.

Just a few thoughts, I'd like to hear back from you and look forward to a response.

-A curious member of your former church

Hello Devil's Advocate,

Great question and perspective. The challenge for all of us creations of God is to view life from HIS point of view. We children of God see our existence in terms of being born and dieing...doing all we can to avoid dying, yet the believer in God attempts to view life from God's point of view. God views his children's life from an eternal point of view. We have a birth but then life never ends from His point of view. His perspective of our life is to take us home with Him. Our lives are lived for his glory not ours. And so the catastrophies we experience are a result of our sin and the sin's of all humankind.

A good mother does try to help their children avoid pain, but a good mother helps their children to learn to persevere through pain. My mother, when I was 11, stood at the window and cried, while she watched me in a fist fight with a neighbor boy, because she knew that the fight experience would actually help me more in the long run. A good mother does not always just rescue their child from pain. At times they bring pain to teach their child a lesson so that the remainder of their lives are better from that situation.

God does intervene constantly. He does allow death and destruction, but imagine how much worse life could be if God were not involved with his loving response.

Keep asking questions and searching.

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